Our Approach.

Why Erland.

Erland is an open shop construction management firm serving clients throughout New England. We were established on the fundamentals of trust, teamwork, and transparency. Over four and a half decades later, these remain the foundation of our success. Our unique range of services, established project controls, and strong subcontractor relationships allow us to deliver the best value for our clients time and time again. Erland's holistic approach includes program management, life cycle cost analysis, due diligence studies, quality assurance, safety & compliance, and risk management, as well as our unmatched preconstruction, construction, and design/build services.

We relied on Erland’s input to make decisions not just because of their experience but because we knew they were always putting our best interest, and the interest of our students, first. Their aptitude for diving right in and truly partnering with the School, the design team, and the School’s vendors strengthened communication and improved the project’s efficiency—leading without a doubt to its success.”

— Nicholas S. Everett / Trustee and Chair of the Master Planning and Facilities Committee

on Patterson-Sculley House (Residence Life Project) at St. Mark's School, Southborough, MA

At Erland, we make it a priority to provide clients a solid foundation to make informed decisions from the very start. Our expertise in detailed estimating and collaborative planning, developed over more than four decades, is one of our greatest strengths – one that has launched hundreds of projects on successful starts and, more importantly, helped to ensure successful completion. Our approach to preconstruction is built on the following principles: Understanding the Intent of Each Stakeholder, Offering Construction Guidance, Maintaining Open Communication, Setting Realistic Expectations, Delivering Accurate Assessments, Identifying Opportunities to Add Value, and Seeking Creative Solutions.

Our strengths lie in our approach to construction. From permitting and mobilization to commissioning and closeout, we develop strategies, plans, and solutions to deliver the maximum value for every construction dollar spent. Our experienced personnel are equipped to provide a quality product on time and on budget that meets our client's needs.

Since the early 1980s, Erland has successfully completed hundreds Design/Build projects, serving as the single source of responsibility for both design and construction. A Design/Build effort may encompass an entire structure or just specific elements such as mechanical or electrical systems. As the project team leader on a Design/Build project, Erland manages the work of the architect/engineer, providing maximum control over costs and timing through an early commitment to a fully scoped design, regardless of contract type – guaranteed maximum price, cost plus, or fixed fee. Design/Build lends itself to projects that require a fast-track schedule. Constructability/feasibility is assessed as each decision is made; items can be ordered, and construction started, well before documents are 100% complete.

A strong coordination process limits addenda and changes and ensures maximum building component cost and schedule efficiencies. At Erland, our goal is to create a stress-free project experience where an owner can rely on us to minimize design and construction conflicts and maintain the budget and schedule. We use BIM as our primary coordination tool. Our coordinators have the technical and leadership skills to take charge of collaborating all layers of the BIM model – integrating 3-D representations from the architect and each of the subcontractors into a single digital model. This model can be viewed in various cross sections to assist in developing construction logistics and sequencing plans and can head off potential problems, such as not leaving enough clearance to access a piece of installed equipment for future maintenance.

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Erland utilizes various software and tools to support the needs of a project. From cloud-based platforms to mobile workstations, we’ve capitalized on advances in technology to ensure our clients are always informed.

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LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership. Established in 2000 by the USGBC, it has become the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Erland was one of the first construction management firms to adopt the framework for creating these highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. Since then, we’ve completed dozens of LEED-certified projects. The WELL Building Standard is the leading tool for advancing health and wellness in buildings globally through seven categories: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. It draws upon industry best practices and proven strategies to improve the impact a physical environment can have on a human. Our team members are equipped to assist you with this process and optimize your building to advance the health and well-being of its end-users. 

Erland employs a full-time MEP Systems Director that ensures all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installations adhere to our quality control program. This individual also assists with facilitating Owner start-up, operation, and maintenance training for these systems.