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Erland Construction Breaks Ground on New Community Center for Chestnut Hill Realty

Brookline, Mass. - Erland Construction, in collaboration with Chestnut Hill Realty, WaypointKLA, The Architectural Team, and their dedicated subcontractors, will construct a brand-new 25,000sf community center and 1,800sf pool house within the Hancock Village residential development in Brookline, MA. 

The 3-story building will house game, multi-purpose, and function rooms, an internet lounge, a fitness center, café, pool, and restrooms. Hancock Village residents will be able to utilize the community center and all of these great amenities once completed in May of 2022.

Construction of the community center will be sequenced with Erland’s ongoing Hancock Village projects—the Residences of South Brookline Townhomes & Asheville Building and Gerry36 Building. Extensive sitework is required to prepare for the new building’s foundations and utilities. Erland will work closely with Chestnut Hill Realty and the town of Brookline to ensure the safety of abutting homes and mitigate disruption to residents and neighbors. 

“We’re very excited to continue our great partnership with Chestnut Hill Realty,” said Eric Greene, Vice President, Residential Group Manager, Erland. “A lot of planning and thought has gone into this new community center, recognizing the many benefits these types of amenities will offer Hancock Village residents. Having a great place to live starts with a sense of comfort and that’s exactly what the community center will provide.”

Construction is anticipated to take 13-months start to finish.

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