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SP/SA / Quality Construction: Exterior Envelope Review with BRS/Building Restoration Services

Authored by Peter Marroni, Project Manager

More now than ever, the facade has become a complex performance system that requires the right design and correct products to function as intended. To ensure the building’s envelope is constructed properly, Erland utilizes a third-party consultant to assist with its development and review. A recent example of this was when we partnered with Neil Rouleau of BRS/Building Restoration Services on the quality construction of the facade for 400 Wood Road (Exchange 93).

To be truly effective, we began the envelope review process during the preconstruction phase of the project. This started with Neil culling over the 100% CD set of drawings and specifications for the facade details and compatibility of materials. He also reviewed the shop drawings and submittals to identify potential problems and recommend solutions before installation. After his review, Neil issued a written report consisting of the marked up set of drawings and corresponding details on items such as flashings, air and vapor barriers, caulking, roofing, insulation, dew point, material compatibility, compliance, and wall conditions. He also provided a list of testing suggestions that would need to be performed to ensure that the building’s envelope is completed securely. When something required further review, our team held a meeting with Neil and the architect to discuss the areas of concern and come up with a plan to revise the construction documents.

During construction, which is currently ongoing for the 400 Wood Road (Exchange 93) project, Neil periodically visits the jobsite to observe the installation of the facade. After each site visit, he communicates any significant deficiencies and provides a written Field Observation Report that includes observations, photographs, commentary, and recommendations. This report is then distributed to Erland’s Project Superintendent, Project Manager, Project Executive, Quality Committee Chairperson, and Director of Operations. Any non-conforming items noted are added to the project’s Deficiency Log. Once the deficiencies have been corrected, Neil re-inspects and issues an updated report noting the closing-out of all completed items.  

Our field team also plays a large role in the envelope review process. Jeff Carabetta, Project Superintendent, and Keith Robertson, Field Supervisor, are heavily involved in the installation of the facade for the 400 Wood Road (Exchange 93) project. Jeff has a keen eye for finding weak spots in the building envelope’s design. He not only identified areas of concern but also came up with ways to improve each. Jeff works hand in hand with Neil and the architect to resolve any of the faults that are found throughout construction. He then acts as the conduit of communication in the field—relaying any design changes to our subcontractors and ensuring that they understand the corrections and are building the envelope properly.

Keith has been focusing on the exterior wall assembly. He is managing the panel and curtainwall installation and reinforcing Erland’s quality program throughout the process. Keith is also assisting with the mock-ups and testing of the envelope. He will soon participate in the water test of the windows where one of our subcontractors performs a rain simulation to check for leaks and ensure the product meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

Utilizing an envelope review and teaming with a third-party consultant like BRS/Building Restoration Services creates an assurance for our clients that the building will perform as intended with regards to air and water penetration resistance, durability, and future maintenance requirements. More importantly, it reinforces our commitment to quality construction. 

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