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Erland / Placing an Emphasis on Employee Career Development & Training

Authored by Alan Scott, Director of Training

We don’t just build buildings, we build construction professionals.

At Erland, our people are the drivers of our success. We empower, equip, and encourage our employees so they grow into the strongest construction professionals they can be. This starts the day an individual is hired and evolves over time based on their developmental needs, career aspirations, and overall strengths.

We offer several career development opportunities including a Mentoring Program, Individual Development Planning, Cross-Training, Performance Reviews, and Educational Assistance Program that focus on meeting the current and future needs of our people. Each initiative encourages employees to formalize their intentions for professional growth and holds them personally accountable for achieving their goals. These opportunities not only allow Erland to develop talent but to also identify candidates for future leadership roles. Additionally, they help employees think strategically about their career paths and successfully set them up for continued growth.

Erland offers promotions both within and across teams so people can follow their aspirations, find their ‘best fit’ role, and remain a valuable asset to the company. We have many employees that started in one role in a certain department, but over time expanded their core competencies to join another. Erland is constantly looking beyond to the wider organization to see whether demonstrated strengths can be used in different areas of the broader business. This approach sets us apart and is one of the main reasons the average duration of employment here is more than 12 years—a statistic that is most unusual in our industry.

With our Operations-based Training Program, we focus on filling in the gaps—what employees need to learn to complete the tasks at hand. This could be an introduction to Procore, a Microsoft Project tutorial, an RFI writing lesson, and so on. We assess an employee’s skillset, figure out what trainings they need, facilitate each in a timely fashion, and then record and measure the value the trainings brought to the individual. Erland also establishes “training heroes” that assist with specialized trainings like plan reading and crisis management. Our program is reviewed and updated annually to ensure we continue to meet the evolving needs of our employees. 

Erland’s continued success depends on attracting the best people. People who are passionate about what they do. People who are driven to excel and grow. People who want to be a part of building a better tomorrow whether in the office or the field. If you’re interested in joining our team, please send your resume to