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Erland / Engaging the Next Generation

By Paul Driscoll, Project Coordinator, and Kevin Driscoll, Senior Field Engineer

At Erland Construction, we understand that the future of the Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry lies in the hands of its next generation of leaders. Our team recognizes the pressing need to cultivate a pipeline of skilled professionals who will continue shaping the industry and work toward building a better tomorrow. With this as our primary focus, Erland continues to get involved with several workforce development initiatives that allow us to educate and cultivate relationships with schools and trade programs in Massachusetts. 

Our approach is rooted in the belief that early exposure is crucial for fostering an understanding of the diverse career paths and opportunities available in the AEC industry. That's why we eagerly welcome high school students and educators into our day-to-day operations, providing them with firsthand experiences of the vast world of AEC. Through immersive events and educational initiatives, we aim to demystify misconceptions and unveil the diverse career pathways available within our industry.

Recently, Erland had the privilege of once again participating in the 2nd Annual Metro South/West Trade + Construction Expo in Marlborough—a workforce development initiative where we had the opportunity to connect with the builders of tomorrow. Equipped with a variety of surveying equipment and tools, we showcased the intricacies of modern construction practices, capturing the imagination of budding professionals. Through lively demonstrations and discussions on cutting-edge laser scanning and coordination, we offered a glimpse into the dynamic nature of our work, leaving attendees inspired and informed.

Moreover, our dedication to workforce development is underscored by a deep-seated commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity within our team and across our jobsites. By actively reaching out to students from diverse backgrounds and communities, we aim to break down barriers and create pathways for equitable participation in the AEC realm. In doing so, we not only enrich the industry’s talent pool but also foster a culture of innovation and collaboration fueled by a multitude of perspectives.

At Erland, we believe in the impact of developing talent through proactive initiatives. As we navigate the complexities of an ever-changing world, we remain steadfast in our mission to cultivate a workforce that is not only skilled but also empowered and ready to roll up their sleeves. Together, we can shape a future where innovation flourishes, communities thrive, and the legacy of excellence in the AEC industry endures for generations to come.

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